Non-Bachelor - Grace Theological Seminary

Does the path to seminary seem unreachable?

Does the path to seminary seem unreachable? It used to be that way. But Grace Theological Seminary (GTS) is equipping people for ministry, no matter their educational background. 

Did you take a few Bible classes in college? Perhaps you didn’t take any Bible classes. Did you skip right over the college experience, but now you’re answering a call to ministry that requires a seminary degree?

At GTS we have created ways in which you can earn that seminary degree. Fill out the inquiry form on this page, and let us help you get started on the path to ministry. Plus, we’ll send you a free Philippians journal!

Please be advised:  Students without a bachelor’s degree who complete the Master of Arts in Ministry Studies Online program must be aware that acceptance into some research-based doctorate programs at various colleges/universities may not be granted.