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August 18, 2023

Best Children’s Ministry Resources for Pastors

Written By Grace Theological Seminary

As a children’s pastor, you work with some of the youngest members of the church. You have the opportunity to shape young hearts and cultivate lasting positive memories for children of God and the church. You get to speak about and experience the Gospel message through a child’s eyes. Your job is to introduce them to Jesus, engage them with Scripture, and assist parents as they take on the role of discipling their children.

Your job is an important one, and you’ll need lots of support in order to do it well. Books can provide insights for you as a leader, help you as you teach children, and support you as you reach out to parents. Here are some of our recommendations for children’s ministry resources as it pertains to three key categories: introducing them to the Gospel, engaging them with Scripture, and providing support for parents. 


Introduce Them to the Gospel

The Gospel message is the foundation of Christianity, and children of all ages need to understand the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. You are not responsible for their faith in Christ, but you do have the responsibility of sharing the Gospel with them. How do you present the Gospel in an age-appropriate and Biblically accurate way? Here are a few children’s ministry resources that may be helpful for you:



Engage Them With Scripture

Just like adults, children should be taught directly from the Bible. Stories like Noah’s Ark, David and Goliath, and Paul and Silas in prison demonstrate God’s character and how people can love God with their whole hearts. Help the kids engage with the Bible lesson through activities and opportunities to ask questions. Here are a few children’s ministry resources that might be helpful:



Support For Parents

Discipling children begins at home. As a pastor, your job is to encourage parents to be the primary disciplers of their children. Sunday should not be the only day of the week that children hear about the Bible. Here are a few children’s ministry resources to help you encourage parents to prepare for discipling their children:



Do you have a heart for discipling children and their parents? Do you want a seminary that will help you cultivate those skills and provide you with opportunities to serve? Then Grace Theological Seminary is the place for you! Check out our program offerings to find a degree and delivery method that is the right fit. 


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