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Center for Thriving Leaders

Center for Thriving Leaders


What is the Center for Thriving Leaders?

The Center for Thriving Leaders assists local churches within the Charis Fellowship to flourish by serving church planters and helping local churches renew and revitalize.

The Center, located at Grace Theological Seminary, offers programs to equip and encourage church planters and ministry leaders through mentor-based cohorts, annual events and retreats, ongoing training sessions, a repository of presentation topics, and academic, spiritual, mental, and essential ministry programs.

What we offer

Pastoral Cohorts
We will oversee the development of cohort leaders and general oversight of the groups’ efficiency.

Retreats & Conferences
We will host and participate in intentional gatherings of pastors and church planters for the purposes of edifying and equipping.

Educational Opportunities
We offer masters and doctorate degree concentrations in renewal/revitalization and church planting in traditional hybrid and online modalities.

Ministry Development
We will provide a variety of intentional events for spiritual and leadership growth such as symposiums, colloquiums, reading groups, think tanks, and seminary chapels.

Thriving Leaders Network
We will provide a community of learning, resources, and equipping for ministry leaders through these quarterly events.

Mental and Spiritual Care
We offer counseling services for ministry leadership in all areas of mental and spiritual health.

Essentials in Ministry Training
We offer training courses in non-negotiables in local church ministry that help you to shepherd your people well and safe-guard your church.

Upcoming Events

Thriving Leaders Network

  • November 1 2023, 9:30 AM - 2:00 PM Westminster West Hall
  • January 2024 (Day TBD), 9:30 AM - 2:00 PM Westminster West Hall

Access Conference

  • July 11th-13th, 2023 St. Petersburg, FL

Charis Fellowship Focus Retreat

  • Northwest Charis Fellowship Focus Retreat May 21st-23rd, 2023
  • Central Charis Fellowship Focus Retreat October 9th-11th, 2023
  • East Charis Fellowship Focus Retreat October 23th-25th, 2023

4 Things you can do to Jump Start the Revitalization of your Church.

1. Be Intentional About Change
Intentional change enhances the impact of our local church efforts in a direct approach to make a difference and manage changes to produce desired outcomes of church health and efficiency.

2. Be Aware of Congregational and Community Culture
The message of the church must be directed and timely for its congregants. It must also be captivating and relevant to speak to
the current culture.

3. Maximize the Gifts of the Church
God has a unique calling and giftedness for each local church. It is imperative to recognize those blessings and maximize their potential for Kingdom impact.

4. Follow Passionately the Leading of the Holy Spirit Within a “now” Context
There are many good ideas but that does not make them God ideas. Following the leading of the Holy Spirit for renewal and revitalization establishes an unshakeable foundation for holistic ministry.

What is the Charis Fellowship?

The Charis Fellowship is a network of churches, campuses and ministries in the USA and Canada who are passionate about Jesus in Truth, Relationship, Mission. And that mission is to start new churches, train leaders and do good for the sake of the gospel.

The Team

Trent Lambert – Director of the Center for Thriving Leaders

Christian Cardoza – Media Director

Julia Peattie – Administrative Assistant

Will Dawson – Digital Media Coordinator


Contact Us:

Phone: 574-372-5100 ext. 6201 or 6430


Address: 200 Seminary Dr, Winona Lake, IN 46590