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Seminary Tuition and Cost

Tuition and Costs

We understand that Seminary can be a financial burden for many people. At Grace, we do our best to make sure we have competitive pricing, with other institutions and we offer great scholarships for all of our students. We are a fully accredited Seminary and we have many advantages compared to other seminaries:

  • Smaller class sizes
  • Personal relationships with professors
  • Mentorship by faculty
  • Family-oriented community
  • Affordable Community
  • Tight-knit student community

Residential Master's Degree Programs and Non-Degree Programs Tuition Rates

  • Per credit hour: $586
  • Per audit hour: $195

Doctoral Degree Programs

  • Per unit: $2,028 (3cr module)
  • Doctoral Seminar Audit Price: $676

Deploy Program

  • Per month subscription: $750 (total semester cost is $3,000, which is billed via monthly subscription, allowing students to pay monthly installments within the semester of enrollment)