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Students preparing for ministry have the opportunity to pursue an accelerated track in which they can complete their bachelor’s degree in 3 years and their master’s degree in an additional 1 to 2 years. Through the Grace shared progress approach, students may earn their Bachelor’s and Master of Arts Degrees in 4 years, or their Bachelor’s and Master of Divinity Degrees in 5 years. This gives students the training that they need at a fraction of the time and cost of going the traditional route. Accelerated graduates enter post-graduate ministry employment 2 to 3 years earlier than is typical, which means fewer semesters of paying tuition, coupled with the opportunity to launch into ministry while earning a full-time income much sooner than traditional graduates.

The Accelerated Program offers two degree tracks– a Bachelors plus Master of Arts (B.A. or B.S. with M.A.) and a Bachelors plus Master of Divinity (B.A. or B.S. with M.Div.). Those seeking the role of a lead pastor or who aspire to the preaching ministry of a local church are encouraged to pursue the Master of Divinity degree. Historically, this degree would require a minimum of 3 years after the completion of a Bachelor’s degree, but through the Accelerated Program, our students earn both in just 5 years. Those seeking roles in discipleship, teaching, age-group ministry, and spiritual formation often take the Master of Arts degree. Master of Arts students can earn their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in just 4 years.

Students experience the Accelerated Program as a cohort model, meaning that the entire educational journey is shared with the same group of students. This educational approach produces deep, life-long friendships while providing one another with a network of academic and personal support.


“The ability to accelerate my studies towards my call to pastorhood, as well as the removal of much of the financial strain that comes with pursuing a B.A. AND an M.Div., is a blessing more than I can describe.”

Matthew Lingren, Accelerated Bachelors/Masters (1st Year, B.A./MDiv), 2023


“I am so grateful for the blended program! Halfway through my first semester, the value has already been clearly demonstrated. I’m excited to work on both my undergraduate and seminary degrees simultaneously. In addition to the monetary savings, I’m very grateful for my advisor and the community that he’s cultivated for the other students and myself.”

Kennedy Parker, Accelerated Bachelors/Masters (1st Year, B.A./M.Div), 2023


“I have seen an incredible improvement in my own spiritual formation and in my ability to help others. Just this year I have been able to attend spiritually uplifting and challenging conferences and interact with pastors who have been in the ministry for years. I believe that this program has positively prepared me for a future career in ministry.”

Kyle Gerber, Accelerated Bachelors/Masters (4th Year, B.A./MDiv), 2020