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General Ministry, M.Div.


Deploy is a competency-based theological education model that enables students to get ministry training while remaining in their ministry context. The Deploy curriculum is organized around competencies, rather than traditional courses, and has been shaped through collaboration between seminary faculty and frontline ministry leaders. Through Deploy, Grace Seminary offers a Master of Divinity in General Ministry (90-credit equivalence). The M.Div. degree path provides excellent training for those who aspire to or are involved in vocational ministry, especially those interested in preaching, teaching, senior leadership, and/or continuing scholarship. This degree is comprehensive and includes coursework in theology, hermeneutics, spiritual formation, biblical exegesis, biblical theology, intercultural studies, leadership, and a variety of other practical ministry competencies. Deploy students also receive ministry-coaching from onsite mentors who serve alongside of them in their ministry context.


  • DGM 5100 Embracing Sanctification

    Credit Hours: 3
  • DGM 5200 Thinking Critically in Ministry

    Credit Hours: 2
  • DGM 5300 Becoming a Mature Disciple

    Credit Hours: 3
  • DGM 5400 Research & Writing

    Credit Hours: 1
  • DGM 5500 Practicing Biblical Hermeneutics

    Credit Hours: 3
  • DGM 5600 Understanding Biblically Healthy Churches

    Credit Hours: 3
  • DGM 5700 Exercising Flexibility in Ministry

    Credit Hours: 3
  • DGM 5800 Applying Biblical Exegesis

    Credit Hours: 14
  • DGM 5900 Articulating Biblical Theology

    Credit Hours: 10
  • DGM 6000 Utilizing Biblical Languages

    Credit Hours: 18
  • DGM 6100 Applying Foundational Doctrines

    Credit Hours: 6
  • DGM 6200 Understanding the Development of Doctrine

    Credit Hours: 3
  • DGM 6300 Embodying the Love of God

    Credit Hours: 3
  • DGM 6400 Embracing Cultural Diversity

    Credit Hours: 3
  • DGM 6500 Articulating Personal Theology

    Credit Hours: 3
  • DGM 6600 Resolving Leadership Conflict

    Credit Hours: 3
  • DGM 6700 Communicating God’s Truth

    Credit Hours: 6
  • DGM 6800 Initiating Transformational Change

    Credit Hours: 3

Entry Requirements

In order to be considered for enrollment in the Master of Divinity in General Ministry offered through Deploy, applicants must fulfill certain admissions requirements:

  • A four-year bachelor‘s degree or its equivalent (for international students) from a recognized institution of higher learning, with a GPA of 2.5 or above. Graduates of Bible colleges, liberal arts colleges, and state colleges and universities are encouraged to apply.
  • Note: A student who received his or her pre-seminary education at an institution that is not accredited or who achieved less than a 2.5 GPA in pre-seminary education may be admitted on academic restriction.

Admission Requirements

In order to be considered for admission, the student must provide:

  1. Official transcripts from the school where you obtained your bachelor’s degree. If you are currently working on your degree, you can submit an unofficial transcript for admission until term completion, at which time an official transcript is required. Transcripts should be sent to
  2. A spiritual life reference
  3. Additionally, international applicant must provide a copy of TESOL test scores, and provide a financial certificate indicating sufficient funding for the program of study.