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Grace Theological Seminary offers an online theology degree through our Competency-Based Theological Education Program. See Deploy.

May 11, 2021

How Can I Get Competency-Based Theological Education?

Have you ever considered how all the people God called to do His work in the Bible were so very unique? Some of them, like Abraham, were not looking for a job when God called them. Others, like Moses, had taken their shot at leadership and assumed that life was…
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Grace Theological Seminary's Tiberius Rata is a professor of Old Testament and Hebrew Language. Learn more about getting a seminary degree.

May 7, 2021

Meet Old Testament and Hebrew Language Professor Tiberius Rata

His childhood in communist-ruled Romania fostered in him an unwavering commitment for God’s Word When you study at Grace Theological Seminary, you will be impacted by experienced professors who are experts in their fields. To a GTS professor, education is more than just a curriculum. Theological education, more than just…
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Grace Theological Seminary explores the Theology of Ministry, service rendered to the Lord. Discover how our degrees prepare you for ministry.

May 6, 2021

A Theology of Ministry

Ministry. The Bible addresses this important theme several dozen times. The Old and New Testaments speak about it at length. Prominent individuals and groups are called ministers throughout Scripture. Clearly, God considers ministry a high priority. So should we. We discover what the theology of ministry is by looking to the…
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Can you get a masters degree without a bachelors degree? At Grace Seminary you can apply for masters degree without bachelors.

April 29, 2021

Can You Get a Masters Degree Without a Bachelor’s Degree?

A look across the societal landscape reveals a stark need for theological education.  How can we make such a bold statement? Take a listen inside most churches across the land and you’ll hear discussions that surround the subject matter of truth. This isn’t a new thing. Just before Jesus was…
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Grace Theological Seminary explores the topic of Biblical Stewardship and what God asks of us with the parable of the talents.

April 27, 2021

Biblical Stewardship: Stewarding the Kingdom

The Basics of Biblical Stewardship The Lord of the Rings centers on the return of the King of Gondor and his exaltation. Before this time, the rightful king, Aragorn, had been abroad helping the peoples of Middle Earth fight against evil in their quest to destroy the One Ring. Once…
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Grace Seminary discusses church ministry and prayer, with four approaches to prayer to keep central in church ministry, when you pray.

April 19, 2021

Church Ministry: Leading Your Congregation in Meaningful Prayer

As a pastor, it is your job to help lead those in your congregation into spiritually forming habits and practices. Without a doubt, one of the most essential keys to spiritual formation in church ministry is prayer. But how do you explain prayer to those who have not grown up…
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Learn about how Chase’s master of divinity degree at Grace Theological Seminary has prepared him for the job of Senior Pastor!

April 16, 2021

Q + A with Master of Divinity Degree Alumnus

Chase Ringler graduated from Grace Theological Seminary in 2016 with his master of divinity degree in pastoral studies. After several years serving as a youth pastor in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Ringler is now serving as a full-time pastor and praying each and every day that God uses him for His…
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Christian Leadership Deacons as Spiritual Shepherds

April 7, 2021

Christian Leadership: Deacons as Spiritual Shepherds

The Shepherding Dynamic of Deacon Leadership The essence of Christian leadership is shepherding. Shepherding provides the perfect balance of the two irreducible aspects of ministry: serving and leading. Though serving and leading seem paradoxical due to misconceptions about the true nature of Christian leadership, these are the primary themes we…
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Learn more about the Grace Theological Seminary financial aid for seminary to help ensure you get an affordable theology degree.

March 31, 2021

How Do I Find an Affordable Theology Degree?

Are you concerned about the cost of your seminary education? You’re not alone. The cost of seminary is one of the largest deterrents when it comes to pursuing higher theological education, but it doesn’t have to be! At Grace Theological Seminary, we are committed to offering an affordable theology degree…
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What is biblical fellowship? Understanding Biblical Christian Fellowship

March 17, 2021

Understanding Biblical Christian Fellowship

Mutual cooperation in God’s worship, God’s work, and God’s will being done in our midst. Think a moment about the people you know and the relationships you share. Each of us is constantly enriched by family and extended family, friends, and acquaintances. Beyond that, many of us have literally hundreds…
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