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Master of Arts (Residential)

Local Church Studies, Master of Arts in Christian Ministry

The Christian Ministry MA degree will provide a solid biblical and theological underpinning as well as a balanced training in pastoral counseling skills and intercultural studies. This Masters in Christian Ministry will provide solid foundational training that prepares individuals for ministry.

There are those interested in or involved in vocational ministry who want to pursue postgraduate study, but pursuing a 75-hour M.Div. is impractical or undesirable. The 48-hour Master of Arts in Christian Ministry is a wonderful alternative! It includes theology and hermeneutics, spiritual formation and prayer, and a variety of practical ministry courses in this master of ministry degree.

The following types of students are encouraged to consider this program:

  • Those already having had several years of vocational ministry experience who desire further theological study in order to be better prepared for a Christian church role.
  • Students desiring additional theological study for their particular field of ministry, including pastoral and non-pastoral vocations.
Local Church Ministry degree at Grace Seminary is for those who want to further their theological education with a master of ministry degree.

Career Opportunities

Vocational ministry looks different depending on various contexts all of which are enhanced when they are grounded in and founded upon formal theological study.

The Master of Arts program in Christian Ministry is designed to provide a strong theological foundation for vocational ministries.

  • Senior Pastor
  • Associate Pastor
  • Youth Pastor
  • Education Pastor
  • Spiritual Formation Pastor
  • Administration Pastor
  • Children’s Pastor or Minister
  • Sports Ministry
  • Parachurch Ministry Staff
  • Educational Ministry Professor
Local Church Ministry degree at Grace Seminary is for those who want to further their theological education with a master of ministry degree.

I am so grateful for the blended program! Halfway through my first semester, the value has already been clearly demonstrated. I’m excited to work on both my undergraduate and seminary degrees simultaneously. In addition to the monetary savings, I’m very grateful for my advisor and the community that he’s cultivated for the other students and myself.


Blended Master of Arts - 2022

Curriculum Examples

Expository Preaching and Teaching
Leadership in the Local Church
Advanced Preaching and Teaching
Interpersonal Communication & Conflict
Ministry Philosophy for the Church
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Course Overview

This course combines both theory and practice. It introduces a functional methodology of organizing and developing the elements of a sermon.

Through reading and writing, pastoral interviews, you will learn about: servant leadership, mentoring, visionary leadership, and leading as a change agent.

The course will also encourage experience in creative methodologies of preaching, methodologies designed to impact 21st century listeners.

Through course material, individual reflection, and small group experiences, learners will explore the biblical foundations of relationships, personal relating style, small group dynamics, and roles and conflict management skills.

This course seeks to promote appropriate ministry perspectives especially as applied to the local church in North America.

Entry Requirements

In order to be considered for enrollment in the Master of Arts program at Grace Theological Seminary, you must fulfill certain admissions requirements:
  • A four-year bachelor‘s degree or its equivalent (for international students) from a recognized institution of higher learning. Graduates of Bible colleges, liberal arts colleges, and state colleges and universities are encouraged to apply.
  • A student who received his or her pre-seminary education at an institution that is not accredited or who achieved less than a 2.5 GPA in pre-seminary education may be admitted on academic restriction.
  • Applicants without a bachelor’s degree who have completed some or no college may be admitted if they meet certain ministry and research/writing requirements. Please contact seminary admissions for more information; email: gtsrec@grace.edu or phone: 877.607.0012.

Admission Requirements

Grace Theological Seminary welcomes applications from all individuals who have a testimony of personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

To be admitted as a Grace Theological Seminary student, you’re asked to provide:

  • Official transcripts from the school where you obtained your degree. (If you are currently working on your degree, you can submit an unofficial transcript for admission until term completion, at which time an official transcript is required. Transcripts should be sent to admissions@grace.edu.

  • A spiritual life reference

  • International applicant must provide a copy of TESOL test scores, and provide a financial certificate indicating sufficient funding for the program of study.

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