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Doctor of Ministry, Exemplary Biblical Preaching Concentration

The Doctor of Ministry in Exemplary Biblical Preaching is designed to equip pastors and other ministry leaders in the skills of sermon construction and public proclamation of the Scriptures by means of advanced training.

The Exemplary Biblical Preaching concentration engages active and aspiring preachers in order to stir up a fresh passion for preaching, stimulate the holistic formation and spiritual vitality of preachers, and strengthen pastors’ preaching proficiencies. Special attention will be given to implementing best practices based upon current research and personalized through preaching coaches who have demonstrated exemplary preaching ability. 

Doctor of Ministry in Exemplary Biblical Preaching is designed to equip pastors in the skills of sermon construction. Get a Dmin in preaching.

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The Doctor of Ministry in Exemplary Biblical Preaching is designed to equip pastors and other ministry leaders in the skills of sermon construction and public proclamation of the Scriptures by means of advanced training.

This advanced training equips and empowers preachers to proclaim the good news of God’s grace to a variety of audiences in creative and compelling ways with a view toward life transformation. Students will aspire toward increased effectiveness in exemplary biblical preaching with accuracy, passion, and creativity.

Preaching Proclamation Teacher Expositor

Career Opportunities

A Preaching Pastor or Pastor of Proclamation is the primary herald of God’s Word during public worship services.

The primary role of Preaching Pastors is to proclaim God’s Word in an effective manner which includes edifying believers and evangelizing unbelievers. In addition, they are responsible for developing and leading other preaching/teaching ministries in the local church.

  • Preaching Pastor
  • Itinerant Preacher
  • Senior Pastor
  • Homiletics Professor
Grace Theological Seminary's Doctor of Ministry in Exemplary Biblical Preaching is equipping pastors & other ministry leaders for the pulpit. Learn more.

Curriculum Examples

Integrating Hermeneutics and Homiletics
Preaching the Biblical Genres
Variety in Preaching Approaches
Communicating God’s Word
The Effective Communicator
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Course Overview

The final goal of biblical hermeneutics is preaching that transforms lives. Applying sound hermeneutical principles, preachers will work through the stages of interpretation including contextual, grammatical, syntactical, historical, and cultural analyses of the selected preaching text. After discerning the exegetical contours of the biblical text, preachers will employ effective homiletical methodology to craft the sermon outline. Prior to determining applications of the biblical text for their audience, preachers will engage in their own reflection and practice self-application within the context of personal spiritual formation.

God communicated His Word through multiple genres. Identifying the various biblical genres will assist preachers in clearly understanding and accurately interpreting the sermon passage. Preachers will grow in their ability to recognize the unique characteristics of biblical genres (Torah, Narrative, Poetry, Gospel, Epistolary, and Prophetic). Cautionary examples of literary genre overriding normal principles of interpretation will also be considered. Preachers will learn how to recreate the dynamics of biblical genres in their sermons.

Predictability diminishes audience interest. Variety increases listener engagement. Aspiring to edify believers and evangelize unbelievers, preachers will learn how to plan and execute a variety of preaching approaches: Expository, Topical, Biblical-theological, Evangelistic, Doctrinal, Biographical, and Thematic. Preachers will also analyze the methodology of exemplary preachers who have demonstrated strengths in specific areas of preaching such as outlining, introducing, illustrating, applying, concluding, and communicating with exceptional clarity.

Whether in person or via media, excellent sermon content can be hindered by poor delivery. Preachers will increase their effectiveness in sermon delivery through understanding and embracing principles using best practices in the following areas: Spirit-led preaching, theology of persuasion, rhetorical devices, visual and aural appeal, physical elements in preaching, multisensory aspects, personal style, audience analysis, contextualization, connection, creativity, and theology for digital technology (e.g. multi-cast; live streaming; social media; podcasting, etc.).

The goal of the course is to increase a speaker’s ability to develop messages which are: True to the biblical text; Clear and well-organized; Interesting to listen to; Specifically relevant to the listener’s needs.

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Entry Requirements

To be eligible for consideration in the Doctor of Ministry programs, the applicant must have a Master of Arts (3.0 GPA) or a Master of Divinity degree, and have at least three years of full time professional or ministry experience.

For more information please call or email our Admissions Department.

Admission Requirements

Grace Theological Seminary welcomes applications from all individuals who have a testimony of personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

To be admitted as a Grace Theological Seminary student, you’re asked to provide:

  • Official transcripts from the school where you obtained your degree. (If you are currently working on your degree, you can submit an unofficial transcript for admission until term completion, at which time an official transcript is required. Transcripts should be sent to

  • A spiritual life reference

  • International applicant must provide a copy of TESOL test scores, and provide a financial certificate indicating sufficient funding for the program of study.

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