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Financial Aid

Financial Aid Checklist

  • A student must apply and be accepted to Grace Theological Seminary prior to receiving a Financial Aid award notification from Grace. Click here to apply.
  • The FAFSA must be completed and mailed to the government as soon as possible after October 1 of each year. Grace’s federal school code is 001800.
  • Documents or clarifying information requested by Grace College’s Office of Student Financial Aid Services must be submitted within 30 days by the student and/or parent. Notify the Student Financial Aid Office if you will be receiving any outside sources of financial aid. Male citizens of the U.S. and male immigrant aliens 18 through 25 years old must be registered with the U.S. Selective Service System to be eligible for federal student loans and grants. Men can register at any post office or register online.
  • Complete applicable scholarship applications and deposit online.

Scholarship Opportunities

Sparks Endowment (GTS Scholarship)

The GTS scholarship program is available to all seminary and Deploy students enrolled in a master’s degree program of 48 hours or more (M.A. in Local Church Ministry, M.A. in Intercultural Studies and the M.Div.). The scholarship will provide $65 per credit hour for Grace Brethren members and $50 per credit hour for non-Grace Brethren members.* Eligibility may be effected by other types of financial aid received. It is the student’s responsibility to report errors to the Office of Financial Aid. The Office of Financial Aid reserves the right to make adjustments to the scholarship amount in the event of an over-award. Continuing students must be in good standing with GTS financially and academically. A thank-you note must be completed in the Advancement Office of each academic year the student receives the benefit. Applications are due by August 24 for the fall semester and January 1 for the spring semester.

*When applied to Deploy, scholarship money is applied monthly and amounts vary.

Shepherd’s Endowment Seminary Apprenticeship Scholarship

The Shepherd’s Endowment scholarship program is available to Seminary students enrolled in a Masters program of 48 hours or more. It will provide a $50 per credit hour for all students registered for Local Church or Intercultural Apprenticeship courses. It is the student’s responsibility to report errors to the Office of Financial Aid. The Office of Financial Aid reserves the right to make adjustments to the scholarship amount in the event of an over-award.

Church Matching Program

Grace Seminary provides a matching scholarship to students whose churches agree to assist them financially. The seminary will match the amount of the church’s scholarship up to $500 per student per year. To be eligible, a student is required to be a half-time student in a two or three year program, taking at least five or more credit hours per semester. The application deadline for the fall semester is August 1 and the spring deadline is December 15.

Please have your church fill out the following forms:

Glimpse of Grace Program

Each spring, Grace Theological Seminary hosts a special scholarship event called Glimpse of Grace. The following is a list of the requirements and scholarships that will be awarded. Candidates will be evaluated by ministry potential and experience, spiritual life and academic achievement. Anyone that has inquired to Grace for either the upcoming fall or spring semesters will be invited.

Scholarships Available

  • Three trustee scholarships of $2,000 each
  • Three faculty scholarships of $1,000 each
  • Five achievement scholarships of $500 each

Criteria for the Scholarships

  • Apply to Grace Theological Seminary now or bring your completed application with you on the day of the Glimpse of Grace event.
  • Write an essay that is no longer than 500 words on the topic “Why I have decided to attend seminary.” This essay must be turned in before your interview.
  • Attend Glimpse of Grace and go through the interview process during this event.
  • Only residential students are eligible for the scholarships, and all contestants must be present to win.

To learn more and to register online, please visit

FGBC Forgivable Loan

Prospective seminary and Deploy students interested in serving with the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches (FGBC) are encouraged to apply for a forgivable loan sponsored by the Grace Brethren Investment Foundation (GBIF).

A total of $50,000 in forgivable loans can be awarded to four students who commit to serving in a FGBC ministry for at least three years after graduation. These funds will cover up to a third of a student’s total tuition costs for their degree program.

Students must be accepted into a seminary program to be eligible.

Face-to-face or phone interviews can be scheduled with the Seminary Office Manager via email or by phone at 800-544-7223, ext. 6437.

Advanced Standing (Transfer Credit) and Course Waivers

Advanced Standing

Advanced standing may be available for students who have completed theological courses at institutions approved by Grace Theological Seminary. If course credit is granted, then there will not be any need to take an equivalent class or replace the credit for these courses. A maximum of 15 credit hours can be granted for the 48 credit hour M.A. programs and 21 credit hours for M.Div. programs. A student must achieve a “B-” or better in the course for which Advanced Standing is requested. Please discuss this with the Seminary Admissions Office during your application process.

Advanced Standing Examinations

The cost of each Advanced Standing exam is $50. Students must register for each test at the Academic Affairs Office in the first semester of enrolling at Grace. This test fee is non-refundable.

Course Waivers

Academic credit may be given for students who have completed seminary-level courses at institutions approved by Grace Theological Seminary. These waivers will require you to take a different class to replace the waived credits, but you will not have to take the very same course a second time. Please discuss this with the Seminary Admissions Office during your application process