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Doctor of Ministry, Emerging Technology and Christian Ministry Concentration

The Doctor of Ministry in Emerging Technology and Christian Ministry is for leaders who desire to impact culture and advance God’s Kingdom at the nexus of Christian faith and the Digital Revolution.

Students will explore the breadth and depth of the paradigmatic changes affecting our world and its peoples. This program explores the rapidly-developing fields of emerging technology and its dynamic intersections with faith, ethics, and Christian living.  Next generation leaders and digital immigrant sages will be equipped to navigate the ever-changing landscape of ministry in this new age.

Grace Seminary’s innovative specialization is designed to equip future-facing ministers to be cultural exegetes with a deep understanding of today’s game-changing breakthroughs. Attention will be given to help students navigate the ethical, theological, and practical implications for ministry in Century 21.

Our program will begin by delving into themes including digital ethics, artificial intelligence, and deep learning through the use of Big Data and neural networks. In addition, evolving sustainable technologies will be evaluated through the grid of Creation and Christian responsibility. Attention will be given to Web 3.0, Crytpocurrency, Blockchain, the Metaverse and the Internet of Things, with a theological focus on ministry and money. Finally, areas of Healthcare Technology such as Body Augmentation, Gender Reassignment Surgeries, Life-Extending Technologies, and AI-Driven health services will be viewed through the lens of ethics and scripture.

Program graduates will be challenged to step into the town square as a new generation of public intellectuals providing both discernment and direction. In doing so, these leaders will become spiritual sherpas providing guidance to both seekers and saints living in today’s technological frontier.

Grace Theological Seminary's Doctor of Ministry Online in Emerging Technology and Christian Ministry for leaders who want to impact culture.

Ideal Fit

This concentration of the Doctor of Ministry program is intended for students who desire to increase their ministry competency in today’s world of emerging technology and alternative breakthroughs.

They will learn how to understand today’s rapidly-developing technological advances and their implication from both an ethical and ministry perspective. The result will be Christian leaders who once again serve church and society as redeemed thought leaders and deeply informed community servants.

Non-Profit Education Administration Leadership Ministry Policy

Career Opportunities

Educational leaders, non-profit executives, and Christian ministers are responsible for providing direction, discernment, and wise leadership to educational institutions, denominational agencies, congregations, and non-profits. Special attention will be given to providing advanced theological, ethical, and technical perspective on the many burgeoning fields within emerging technologies. Whether new economies, sustainables, AI, Virtual and Augmented Reality, or biomedical advances, our program graduates will become indispensable sources of wisdom across a host of fields.

  • Academic Administrators
  • Business Leaders
  • Church Pastors
  • College Faculty
  • Christian Authors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Public Servants
  • Non-Profit Executives
  • Next Gen Leaders

Curriculum Examples

Ministry in the Age of Virtual Worlds and New Economies
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Course Overview

Explores cutting-edge technologies such as Web 3.0, the Metaverse, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and NFTs. Learners will discover how these innovations can be harnessed for effective ministry and outreach through developing a biblical philosophy of money, wealth, and poverty while avoiding the limitations and liabilities related to these economic theories and technologies.

Doctoral Seminar Schedule

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for consideration in the Doctor of Ministry programs, the applicant must have a Master of Arts (3.0 GPA) or a Master of Divinity degree, and have at least three years of full time professional or ministry experience.

For more information please call or email our Admissions Department.

Admission Requirements

Grace Theological Seminary welcomes applications from all individuals who have a testimony of personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

To be admitted as a Grace Theological Seminary student, you’re asked to provide:

  • Official transcripts from the school where you obtained your degree. (If you are currently working on your degree, you can submit an unofficial transcript for admission until term completion, at which time an official transcript is required. Transcripts should be sent to

  • A spiritual life reference

  • International applicant must provide a copy of TESOL test scores, and provide a financial certificate indicating sufficient funding for the program of study.

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