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August 9, 2023

Top Youth Ministry Tools for Youth Pastors

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As a youth pastor, your job is to shepherd students during some of their most formative years — middle and high school. You’ll have the opportunity to guide their spiritual development as they navigate growing up and the ebbs and flows of sports, crushes, friendships, school, parents, and siblings. Best of all, you get to be the keeper of the dodgeball and invite the students you lead into fun experiences with one another.

These times can be tumultuous, so you’ll need to have plenty of resources at your disposal in order to do your job with excellence. Having solid books and articles to reference will expand your mind and heart in your role and give you wisdom as you walk through both the joys and the challenges. Here are some of our top suggestions for youth ministry tools.


Student Ministry Resources for Preaching to Youth

Just like a pastor for adults, your job is to preach Biblically-sound and relevant-to-life messages that will spur your students on to action. The question is, how do you keep their attention on the Word of God when phones and friends are a prevalent distraction? Here are a few youth ministry tools to help you as you seek to teach your students about Scripture:



Student Ministry Resources for Navigating Trials

A pastor’s heart should be attentive to the difficulties experienced by their congregation. As a youth pastor, you will need to walk with your students through trials having to do with friendship, parents, dating, and identity. How do you shape their view of trials and help them to see suffering as a means to draw near to God rather than adhering to the world’s message of avoiding pain at all costs? Here are some youth ministry tools to help with this:



Student Ministry Resources for Parents

Although youth ministry mainly focuses on students, at its best, it’s viewed as a ministry to the teen and their parents. As a youth pastor, you will need to partner with the parents of your students to help them as they disciple their teen through the good time and bad. Middle and high school is a time where students need to be lovingly supported by adults who will listen to them and seek to understand where their heart is at. How do you help your students’ parents navigate such a foundational era of life? Here are a few resources that could help:



Student Ministry Resources for Having Fun

Part of bonding as a youth group means having fun together! As a youth pastor, you should plan games and activities that will get the students laughing together and help them get to know one another better. How do you show them the seriousness of God’s Word while also giving plenty of time for fun and enjoyment? Here are a few youth ministry tools to give you some ideas:



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