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July 13, 2023

15+ Best Resources for Senior Pastoral Ministries

Written By Grace Theological Seminary

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As a senior pastor, your role is at the helm of the church. You are responsible to curate Biblically-based sermons, provide spiritual leadership, engage in pastoral ministries, assist in small group and discipleship development, conduct weddings and funerals, and much more. These duties take time and energy, both physically and spiritually.

Just as you take care of yourself physically by eating healthy, getting plenty of sleep, staying hydrated, and exercising, you should also value your spiritual wellness. This includes personal Bible study, sermon preparation, reading the work of other ministry leaders, and developing a heart of praise. Equipping yourself in these ways will help you continually connect with the Lord and serve from a place that flows from His love. The following are some of our top suggestions of resources for those in senior pastoral ministries:


Pastor Resources – Personal Bible Study

You are first and foremost a child of God. Therefore you should allow the Word to first penetrate your own heart prior to teaching your congregants. Your personal Bible study should be structured to maximize your ability to hear from and respond to God. It should also spark your mind towards seeing where you need to grow spiritually and help you make a plan of action towards that end. Here are some suggestions for resources to guide this time:



Pastor Resources – Sermon Preparation

After you have heard from the Lord personally, it’s time to listen to His voice as you prepare your sermon for Sunday morning. The job of presenting the Word of God to others requires careful research to ensure you are being true to the text, as well as thoughtful in your application. Here are some suggestions for resources to bolster you as you prepare your sermon:



Pastor Resources – Mentoring, Discipleship & Counseling

A pastor’s job is not a Sunday-only profession. Throughout the week, you will receive requests for pastoral ministries such as counseling and mentoring, as well as a call to cultivate discipleship in your church. These roles require a heart for sinners and sufferers and a desire to sit with them in their trials and call them to growth. Here are a few resources to help equip you for that task: 



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