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July 20, 2020

Affordable Seminary Matters

Written By Grace Seminary


The time to pursue an affordable seminary program is now! Deploy is the Future of Seminary and affordability matters. Go with Grace!

You want to go to Seminary, but it’s a big investment. It costs time and money to get a master’s degree, and affordable seminary programs seem impossible to find. But what if you could get your degree without going into debt? What if tuition was priced so that you could afford to pay as you go? What if your church or ministry agency invested in your education? Deploy — Grace’s competency-based seminary degree — has a tuition structure designed to make seminary affordable for you.

Several key features make Deploy affordable:


An All You Can Learn Model

Picture this: You pay one price for one month of education. Then you complete as many competencies as your life capacity allows. In other words, you decide how you get your money’s worth. That means you never have to pay for a whole semester upfront. The cost is $750/month ($3,000/semester) no matter how much or how little you take. We call this an All You Can Learn Model.


One-Third Partnership Model

The vision of Grace Seminary is to send capable workers into their fields without the debilitating burden of debt. Deploy makes that possible through the One-Third Partnership Model. With this model, you pay one-third of your tuition, the church or support team covers another third, and Grace Seminary gives the last third in scholarships. That way, everyone takes ownership and everyone invests. We believe this is the path to affordable seminary. This model is dependent on the capacity of the church or support team and the availability of Grace scholarships.

We recognize that some students will need to supplement their tuition expenses by responsibly using student loans to help cover their one-third. Grace Seminary is in the process of seeking eligibility to offer Department of Education loans to those who qualify. Loans from the Department of Education are currently not available for Deploy students.


The Future of Seminary

Don’t wait to invest in your future ministry. The time to pursue an affordable seminary program is now! Deploy is the Future of Seminary… and in the Future of Seminary, affordability matters. Go with Grace!


Watch the following video to learn more about Deploy’s tuition model: