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March 24, 2022

Grace Theological Seminary Invites Pastors to Final ‘PastorPedia Live!’, Introduces ‘Thriving Leaders Network’

Written By Grace Theological Seminary

Grace Theological Seminary invites all pastors and church leaders to attend “PastorPedia Live!”, a free training and resource event for pastors and church leaders on Wednesday, April 6 at 10 a.m. in Westminster Hall at Grace College, 105 9th St., Winona Lake. While “PastorPedia Live!” will be coming to a close as it is currently known, Grace Seminary is introducing a new training event: “Thriving Leaders Network,” to be housed in the Charis Collective for Thriving Leaders at Grace. Its first event will launch this June.

“We are so blessed to have had Dr. Knute Larson host ‘PastorPedia Live!’ on our campus for more than a decade,” said Dr. Freddy Cardoza, dean of Grace Theological Seminary. “These events have been a highlight for many: our hybrid doctoral students, residential students, local pastors, and lay leaders as well as our remote audience that tunes in virtually. We are thrilled that the ‘Thriving Leaders Network’ will continue this ministry training.”
The April 6 event will be the last of its kind led by Larson, pastor emeritus at The Chapel in Akron, Ohio, who has written six books, pastored for more than four decades, and coached more than 100 churches in the last 12 years.
The day will include three special guests who will teach on the Proverbs. Dr. Tiberius Rata, associate dean of the School of Ministry Studies at Grace, will introduce nine themes of the book. Dr. Kevin Roberts, dean of the School of Behavioral Sciences at Grace, will tie Proverbial truths to psychology. Larson will speak on Proverbs and the church. At the end of the event, all three will sit on a panel to answer audience questions about the book of Proverbs and the ministry of the Word.
The first ‘Thriving Leaders Network’ event, to take place on Wednesday, June 22, will feature guest speaker Dr. Gary McIntosh, a nationally and internationally known professor of Christian Ministry & Leadership at Biola University.
For more information about the upcoming “Thriving Leaders Network,” contact Dr. Trent Lambert at