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October 2, 2019

Accelerated Bachelors + Masters Seminary Program- Faster

Attending “Seminary” is different here at Grace.

Theological education for the last century has looked fairly similar:

3 years, after college, Greek, Hebrew, libraries, barely making ends meet, reading, writing, preaching, and sometimes isolation from others.

Some Things Never Change- Or Do They?

There are some aspects of theological education that may never change, like the subjects taught and the gospel proclaimed, but with the changing landscape of education and the access to more education, the seminary must adapt to some of these landscapes. One of our attempts to address these changing landscapes at Grace Theological Seminary has been our 5-year Master of Divinity Accelerated program.

How I Completed Seminary

One of the critiques of Seminary education is that it takes too long. At best traditional Seminary education takes 3 years. That is what I did, and at the time it really worked for me.

There is nothing I would change about my theological education, however, if there was an option to get done sooner, let’s say in 5 years with both a Bachelors and my Masters of Divinity, I think I would have taken that option.

How We Do ‘Seminary’ at Grace

At Grace, we have come up with a solution that helps our students. While they are working on their undergraduate degree over four years, in years 3 and 4 they begin taking Seminary classes. What this does for Grace students is it enables them to take an extra year (5th year) after their undergrad and finish up a Masters of Divinity. This shaves a full 2 years off of what it would have taken elsewhere.

Grace is able to make this work because we have both an undergraduate college and a seminary, so we are able to make efficiencies work in a way that other institutions are not able.  Our degrees are full Bachelor of Arts (120 hours) and Master of Divinity (90 hours) degrees, we are not cutting corners to make this work, but by looking at scheduling and existing program maps we are able to make this a no brainer for students and parents. Students are able to move through the needed programs more quickly and therefore get into ministry sooner.

Take a Look for Yourself

Take a minute to compare how the Blended Program at Grace stacks up against other strategies to earn your M.Div.  I think you’ll be impressed.  If so, reach out to us below and let’s start a conversation.


John Sloat

Meet John Sloat

Blended Program Director