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February 18, 2022

Four Ways Grace is Providing Affordable Seminary

Written By Grace Theological Seminary

When reading about God calling people to a life of ministry, we often read about those people moving from where they lived. Some examples would include Abraham being called out of the land of Ur, Moses being called back to Egypt, or Jonah being called to prophesy at Nineveh. No matter how quickly they obeyed, God’s call included moving from where one was to where God wanted to use them.

It was not too long ago when earning a seminary degree meant packing up one’s family and moving to where the seminary was located. People understood this decision would have a cost, both of time and money. As time and money became even more valuable commodities, and technology advanced, the landscape of seminary changed. 

Many began to wonder if affordable seminary programs still exist. These days, many seminaries, including our own, offer online options which allow you to study from anywhere and work at your own pace. We even showcase our Deploy program which allows you to continue in ministry where you are while earning a seminary degree.

The technological options for earning your seminary degree have left many assuming that packing up the family and moving to another city for the sake of seminary education is just too costly. But are they correct? We don’t believe so! Here are four ways Grace is providing an affordable seminary. 


Accelerated programs save you time and money.

Gone are the days where you will need to take the greater part of a decade to earn your seminary degree. By utilizing 8-week sessions instead of the traditional 15-week semesters, Grace students are able to more quickly and efficiently accomplish their collegiate goals.

With our accelerated program, you can earn your Master of Arts or Master of Divinity in just four or five years. Combining this with your undergraduate degree means you can apply your scholarships and financial aid to your graduate degree! Earn two degrees at Grace and be serving in ministry while other seminarians are still signing up for classes.


The credits you already have will transfer.

Did you attend another Bible college for your undergraduate degree? We won’t hold that choice against you. (Hence the name Grace!) You can receive advanced standing credits for classes already taken, up to 14 credit hours for those pursuing a Master of Divinity.

Not having to repeat classes means you will earn your degree quicker and spend less money. It’s not that you will want to leave Winona Lake quicker than you have to, but isn’t it great knowing you will have greater freedom with all this extra time and money?


You don’t need a bachelor’s degree.

As long as we’re removing obstacles on your way to an affordable seminary degree, how about we do away with the traditional route of needing to earn a bachelor’s degree before you can earn a master’s degree? After all, your calling may have come later in life, when earning a traditional college degree is no longer a viable option.

We believe in the necessity for pastors to be thoroughly equipped to answer the deep theological questions being asked. Dealing with the mounting crises facing Christians today means the sheep will need a shepherd equipped to face the issues with an assured knowledge of God’s Word. Now you can be on your way to earning your Master of Arts or a Master of Divinity without first needing a bachelor’s degree.


GTS just dropped our prices by 23%.

So far we have saved you time with accelerated courses, allowed you to transfer credits and even skip a degree. Residential seminary has never looked so good! But we actually have even better news.

We recently dropped all of our residential seminary prices by 23%! We want you to know how serious we are about providing affordable seminary programs by making ours less expensive than all of the others.

Our Master of Divinity program will save you over $10,000. In fact, apply for our GTS Scholarship and those savings increase to $14,000! Similarly, if you pursue the Master of Arts program and apply for the GTS Scholarship, your savings will be almost $9,000. These tuition cost decreases make Grace Theological Seminary one of the most affordable seminaries in the United States!

Have you been considering a seminary education? Winona Lake offers a fantastic community for any family. Earn your graduate degree while enjoying all the beauty and adventure that our county has to offer. Learn more about our residential masters degrees and come join us in beautiful Winona Lake.